Friday, March 15, 2013

Springsational Hair

Spring is right around the corner

Before we know it Summer will be here

So here are a few different takes on the Braid...A warm weather fav!

The Warrior Princess...


                                      1: Wide cornrow 2 braids on each side of the head.
                                      2: Tease Smooth and bobby pin a Poof on top.
                                      3: Pull rest of the hair into a Pony.

The All Braid

This Braid is a little more complicated
                                        1. Start in the crown of the head
                                        2. Cornrow braid around the head only picking up hair from
                                            the right side of the cornrow.
                                        3. Finish off with a clear elastic. 
                                        4. Bobby pin the tail under the last braided row.

The BoHo Braid

                                        1. Waterfall braid the top half of the hair.
                                        2. Instead of French braiding the bottom half "French twist" 
                                            with just two sections of hair.
                                        3. Secure the Top braid with the Bottom twist.

There you have it a new "twist" on an old favorite!

Can you think of another option for the age old favorite braid?


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sock Bun Style.....

(picture and instructions via
Here’s the step by step process of curling your hair with the use of a sock bun:
1. To create a sock bun, get a pair of old socks
2. Cut the ends (the toe bit) and then roll the sock until you reach the other end (creating a donut shape)
3. After creating a sock bun, tie your hair with an elastic band
4. Once you have done this, grab a spray container and spray your hair with water (don’t make it too wet).
5. As soon as your hair is damp, hold your hair up and start rolling the end part onto the sock bun until you reach the other end.
6. Leave it tied and rolled overnight.
7. Unroll and untie it the next day and you’ll feel the difference. You’ll feel that your hair is curly and bouncy.

The coolest use of the sock bun curl technique.....
Two days of hairstyles
Day1~ create the sock bun and wear as day1 style                
Day2~ leave sock bun in overnight...remove in the morning
for heatless curls                                           

Monday, October 15, 2012


A DIY for You!

 Saw this @ the Beauty Department and wanted to share!
a Quick Easy DIY Curling wand.
You could use an old curling iron or find an inexpensive one to use for this Do It Yourself project.

via The Beauty Dept
Check out my Face Book page for a quicky video I found on using The Curling Wand!!!

Here is the link for the original post on Curling Wand ~

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day WeekEnd Shoot

This Labor day weekend We had a mini photo shoot for my nieces. 
Complete with 5Min. Hairstyles!

They will be using photos from this shoot for their school pictures :) Here are a few Pics from the Shoot...

Okay so Savana s hair may have taken a little longer that 5Min but not by much.

To Create this look:
1. Take the TOP front section of hair mist with Hair Spray
 (I used Kenra Ex. Hold H.S.)
2. Then TEASE TEASE TEASE to give a good base for the "poof"
3. Smooth top section and bobby pin poof into place.
Phase 2:
On each side of the "poof" braid 2 corn rows, a total of 4 all together
 (keep the corn row "attached"
until right behind the ear, then continue to braid to desired length)
Phase 3:
 Pull loose hair and braids into a Pony Tail.
optional leave bottom corn row braid on 1 side out of ponytail 
Spray and smooth as desired.
By: Sasha K.

By: Sasha K.
  This one is my Favorite!
By: Sasha K.
And......  Close up

By: Sasha K.
Alivia s hair was a quick easy 5Min. Style
To Create this look:
1. start by parting the front of hair slightly off center.
2. Brush hair smooth ( I used After Party by TIGI smoothing cream)
3. Brush to opposite side of part and secure with an elastic pony.
Easy Peasy!!
By: Sasha K.
By: Sasha K.
 Alivia with one of her True Loves
By: Sasha K.
 This Pic is Sooo Alivia (our little gymnast)
By: Sasha K.

 We had such a good time taking the Pictures. It is ALWAYS 
lots of fun when we have our little "Photo Sessions"
I used pic monkey to edit all the photos. Some of my favorite settings are Orton, Cross process,and Intrepid. It is such a fun editing tool for an amateur like me to play around with.
Hope you enjoyed!!
By the way comments are appreciated :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Afternoon styles

3x's the Style

This summer we had my niece over or a week . 
One early afternoon we decided to have a hairstyling session.
And here are the results......

 A modern take on The Basket Weave

 Coiled and Coiffed

 Waterfall Braid
While a very pretty take on the French Braid
 I find The WF is very loose and seems could easily come undone.

 Little Girl solution.....
Pony it!!

 Gotta Love my Nieces natural highlights. <3

Friday, August 10, 2012

How about THOSE boys

Can't forget the "boys" 
We have been having fun with Faux Hawks this summer
By: Sasha K

Hanging out
By: Sasha K.

Tough Guy  Faces

By: Sasha K

Strike a Pose

By: Sasha K.

Rocking the Hawk

A few more Boys who know how to ROCK the Faux Hawk!!!

(Via Google)

(Via Google)

(Via Google)

(Via Google)

I don't know about you.... But, I LOVE it!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Exercise your Hair

via LookHereBlog
    Recently, as a family, we have started a "fitness" journey. After day 2 I was feeling the "burn"! 
So you ask how in the hey does this relate to hair?!! 

     Well' here is how I correlate the two....
You want to get  healthy, get in shape, loose weight (or like me all 3). What do you do?
                                                           ~Make a plan of action
                                                           ~Eat Healthy
                                                           ~Be Consistent
 And only then ,after hard work and patience, you see results!!!

Have you ever wanted to grow your hair out long, or longer than it was? What do you do? I have come across many a gal that has sat in my chair and says...

     " I've been growing my hair out. So, its been like a year and a half since I've had it cut."


You have to look at growing your hair out alot like a fitness journey.
(This regime works for the gal wanting to get healthy hair or maintain a certain style as well)

MAKE A PLAN OF ACTION ~ What is my goal... What do I want my hair to look like until I meet that goal. (Sometimes you may need the help of your stylist especially for the 2nd question.) You want to keep it realistic. It is impossible to go from a pixie cut to below the shoulders with no maintenance in between and still have a stylish style :)

EXERCISE ~ How does 1 exercise hair?!.... The same way we exercise our body... Get In Shape. This requires at least a trim from time to time. All tho it is a myth that trimming hair will make it grow faster. Trimming the hair Can make it longer faster. 
      Let me explain ~ if you (heaven forbid) acquire split ends and do not trim them OFF
the hair will continue to split right up the shaft . Although your hair still grows... the length
does not appear to go anywhere because it simply Keeps Splitting at the ends.
The Remedy... A TRIM ... yes a TRIM even when growing your hair LONG ;)
remember a little bit can make a BIG difference!

EAT HEALTHY ~ Just as our bodies need nutrition so does our hair. Actually literally eating healthy directly affects the health of our hair too. Here are a few examples...

Dark Green Veggies = Vitamin A&C
Chicken, Beans = Protein
Eggs = B12
Whole Grains = Zinc and Iron
Carrots = Vitamin A

     Along with that the right products are GREAT for your hair as well. There are specific products for specific hair textures and desired styles. 
     It all starts with the basics for your base... A GOOD Shampoo and Conditioner (conditioner may be optional or used less frequently or more frequently depending on the hair).
     If you are using heat of any kind flat iron ,curling iron, ect. a heat protectant is a must. Heat  Protectants come in a variety of types ... sprays, creams, used on dry hair, used on wet, hairspray quality(with a slight hold), or light weight (you do not feel in the hair).
     I HIGHLY recommend obtaining your products at a salon. For starters you will have the expertise of your stylist to direct you to the best products for your hair type and needs. Secondly, salon products are guaranteed quality, and a little will go along way so they WILL last you a while :)

BE CONSISTENT ~ Don't give up! Just as exercising can get exhausting so can waiting for your hair to grow.JUST KEEP WITH THE PLAN OF ACTION. I can remember on more than one occasion wanting to just cut it all off while trying to grow out my own hair. At one point when I first started growing my tresses I DID  "just cut if off" and let me tell you after about a week I was mad at myself!  If you are determined you want longer and or healthier hair BE PATIENT ... it will happen if you stick with the pointers above.

MAINTAIN ~ You've done it,  you've met your goal.... you now have HEALTHY SHINY and or LONG HAIR. It doesn't stop there if you want to keep it that way. The same that goes for your new healthy body once reaching your fitness goals goes for your gorgeous hair .  It always boils down to life style change. If you LIVE the above pointers you will keep that GORGEOUS hair!